Nutrition – The truth behind fat loss

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This is our first newsletter and we appreciate how many emails you must get. We will only be doing this quarterly. Our aim is to keep you up to date with all the research and literature out there about health and fitness and clear out all the “cr*p”.

So let us try to clarify the “fat loss” debate, there are so many diets out there claiming to be the new cure but in truth any diet taken will lead to an increase of 6-8% in total body weight from your original starting weight ( ACSM 2002) . So it’s time to clarify what makes us FAT. The debate of calories in , calories out does not make scientific sense ( please see us to explain more in detail) what is clear is that certain foods will have a different response on how the energy is stored or used.
If we reduce the sugars ingested this in turn lowers the amount of INSULIN released in the body.  INSULIN in short will increase the fat we store and decrease the fat we burn. The fat will remain in the cells until INSULIN drops and Glucagon (insulins counter part) is stimulated in order to mobilise fats for fuel.
Let’s break down the process that takes place;

  • You think about eating
  • You begin to secrete insulin
  • Insulin signals the fat cells to shut down and take up more fat
  • You start to get hungry
  • You begin eating
  • You secrete more insulin
  • Carbs are digested increasing blood sugar levels
  • You secrete more insulin
  • Fat from the diet goes into the fat cells
  • The fat cells get bigger and so do you
  • The fat remains in the cells until Insulin levels drop

The proof has been out there for over a century, we seemed to have ignored common sense and science , here ‘s a date line showing proof that we have  ignored information in front of us:

1862 Dr Harvey’s original “Banting diet” with the removal of all starches  in his book “letter of Corpulence”
1901 William Osler “The principle of practice of medicine” “avoid taking too much food especially reduce starches and sugars”
1907 James French “Obesity is derived in part from fat ingested with the food, but more particularly from the carbohydrates”
1925 H Gardiner Hill in the Lancet. All forms of bread contain large proportions of carbs, varying from 45-60%. it should thus be condemned
1951 Raymond Green “Practice of Endocrinology” foods to avoid::

  • Refined flour (bread, cereals and pasta)
  • Liquid carbs (Beer, fruit juices and fizzy drinks)
  • Starches (potatoes,rice and corn)
  • Foods containing sugar

It then seemed to go all wrong:
1980 Jane Brody of the Times. “we need to eat more carbs”
1995 American Heart Association printed in a leaflet. We can literally eat anything with impunity even candy and sugar- as long it is low in fat.

Let us be clear we are not “Carb Nazis” as we say in our web site “you have to earn your Carbs”, so post training when blood sugar levels are reduced is the time to absorb them. Post-Training carbs is the time to consume because Insulin drives sugar (as well as amino acids) into cells where it is used for fuel & recovery. Insulin as friend & not foe.

What we are promoting is not about a diet. Once accepted that carbohydrates, not just overeating or a sedentary life will make you fat then the idea of “going on a diet” no longer holds any real meaning.

Simple way to look at the relationship between obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes,Cancer and Alzheimer’s (Also Gout, Asthma, Fatty Liver disease) is that what make us FAT also makes us SICK.

If a diet requires you to semi starve yourself IT WILL FAIL. Dieting will most likely cause higher Cortisol levels, both triggering a starvation/fat storage mode.

If you would like a more detailed individualised healthy eating plan , just let us know , you know where we are, training is only part of the equation, the rest is up to you.

Be healthy and eat clean

Mark Roberts
Personal Space Ltd

N.B. For further reading we recommend “Why we get Fat”, by Gary Taubes.

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