What our clients say

The new gym space is fab! Incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly team who work with their clients closely with a tailored approach to help them achieve their personal goals.
Always happy to refer clients knowing they are in the best hands.”
Lene Cunis, Specialist physiotherapist

The main reason I send you this email is just to share with you that I have continued my fitness exercises after I left London more then 6 years ago. In fact I am going to the gym at least 3 times a week. I wouldn’t have done this without my history with PS Fitness. I am forever grateful (!!!!!!) for the fact that you and the other Personal Trainers of PS who have worked with me over the years stimulated me and made me enthusiastic and committed about regular exercise. Our sessions were always fun and challenging. I still miss them….. I do annual medical check-up’s and when doing the stress test on the treadmill I am still able to go through the maximum level of the test which, according to the medical staff, is rarely achieved. Those little things keeps one motivated to keep on going with exercising.

Mark, take care and again thanks for our times in the gym. It truly has changed my life.

Best, “
Gerry Montanus

Mark in our experience is brilliant at organising his gym to attract and keep people motivated to keep going to the gym and has put together a great staff of trainers and therapists who provide training, osteopathy and nutritional advice. I would not hesitate to recommend him. “
Simon A Peckham, Chief Executive, Melrose PLC
Regarding Kates Taylor - Just wanted to let you know that I just played tennis on grass after a year. It was great to be able to do that. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for getting me mended. Best regards, 
Michel D
I joined Personal Space gym in early 2008, Mark and the team changed my life and attitude. They trained me and my colleagues to climb Toubkal, Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Their encouragement to date with their advice on nutrition, health, diet and a tailored exercise regime has been invaluable to me and my colleagues. Pilates sessions with Aya are heavenly and I could not see myself and health without their encouragement, great fun, laughter and care.
Thank you for all what you have helped with through-out the years.
Nermine Harvey-Phillips, Managing Director, EFG Private Bank Limited
The vast majority of our employees regularly use Personal Space which was due to a number of factors including the convenience of the gym, but also the professional manner in which Mark runs the program. His product in particular is very high – having him in the building adds not just a gym but a premium fitness centre that would almost certainly become an even greater draw to tenants in the future if his reputation is to develop as it has in Mayfair.
Andy Lago, Director, King Street

I just wanted to send a quick email expressing my thanks to Craig. I have been putting off going to a gym for about 10 years. Craig has been able to provide great advice to me and create an exercise plan which is achievable and realistic (I have lost about 8kg in about 8 weeks and have so much more energy). I also told him about problems that I had been having with my hip and knee. He worked out exercises which have resolved the knee pain completely and very greatly reduced the hip pain that I experience. He has a very friendly and professional manner and is the ideal sort of trainer for somebody like me. I don’t respond well to people shouting encouragement at me and it would be most likely to have the reverse effect. Instead he provides positive affirmation and expert guidance which is a base for self-motivation.
Once again many thanks and I know this may be oft stated but he really has helped me change my life.
Matthew W