New fundraising challenge: Great River Race

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Great River Race: September 9th, 2017

21.6 miles from Docklands to Ham in Surrey!!!
This challenge is not to be taken lightly, sitting on a small wooden bench with a single paddle in hand and maintaining stroke with another 15 comrades is tough enough!!!

Meet the brave team:

Adrian Paterson
Alexis Antonopoulos
Andy Butterworth
Jacques Fragis
John Regis
Kate Heather
Lev Mikheev
Marcus Phayre-Mudge
Mark Roberts
Massimo Figna
Matthew Stanton
Sam Burch
Sarah Baker
Spencer Skinner
Tim Haden-Scott
Tim Webb

They are all coming together and share the pain to raise money for two great causes: Cherry Trees and Harrison’s Fund.

To show your support you can sponsor them here for Cherry Trees and here for Harrison’s Fund.