The Team

Meet the people who make Personal Space the place to be.


BSc (Hons), ISSN sports nutrition PGDip, UKA Athletics Multi events coach, LSSM Sports Massage, ACSM Strength and conditioning coach, YMCA Dip. PT.

Mark is the founder of Personal Space and has worked within the industry for nearly 30 years, developing his skills as a coach to private clients and the sporting elite, working individually and alongside professional teams. Mark’s extensive knowledge, experience and approachable style sees him being highly recommended through his clients and associates, either as a consultant for training and private gym design, and as a coach, whilst continuing to maintain and grow the team at PS, some of whom started their career at PS.

A recent collaboration between Personal Space and Hooke has evolved, which represents a new dawn in longevity strategy and advanced, personalised, preventative healthcare. The team at Personal Space led by Mark, are working alongside a multi-disciplinary team within Hooke, providing health markers and advice to improve clients’ quality of life.

Outside of the gym, along with his family, Mark loves being outdoors surfing, or downhill mountain biking and is still competing and winning medals in Decathlon at both European and World masters.

He’s passionate about making long term positive change and tries to mirror his values and beliefs for clients alongside his own lifestyle.

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BSc Nutritional Therapist, Strength & Conditioning -YMCA, CSCS, CCC

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Joseph uses weights as well as Muay-Thai boxing and conditioning programs to guide clients towards a much fitter and better performing state. His main aims are to help clients build muscle, burn fat, perform better or just look good.

As a Nutritional Therapist, ‘Health First’! Is the best way to describe Joseph’s belief system, as there is no point in being super-fit but feeling terrible.

Joseph addresses health from the inside out ensuring that his clients get that ‘healthy glow’ by using Nutrition, Supplements and Herbal & Lifestyle intervention. He also uses functional laboratory testing to get a clear picture of the true state of health of the body and to discover any barriers to his clients’ optimal wellbeing.

He has also completed talks for BSKYB, Fight-For-Peace and various corporate clients and charities, emphasising healthy weight loss, optimal nutrition and detoxification through healthy living.

Always eager to learn and improve the client experience Joseph has completed a diploma as a certified conditioning coach (CCC) and is now undertaking a course in Counselling, to be able to further support the health and wellbeing of each client using various approaches.

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Kate Taylor
Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer – BSc(Hons) Sports rehab, NASM, Buteyko Breathwork, Pre/post-natal, Chek, Soft tissue, ISAK

Kate’s 10 years’ experience as a Sport Therapist is invaluable when coaching clients on the gym floor, aiming to make everyone she works with stronger, healthier & happier.

Kate takes a whole human approach, tailoring her program to the clients’ specific needs whatever their starting point. Combining strength training, postural correction, and breath-work with the work of other practitioners in behavioural and nutritional therapy when needed; she ensures all clients achieve long term change.

Frequently described by clients as firm but fair, Kate can be found working with anyone from England and international rugby players to busy Mums, basically all humans who want to make change are welcome!

Kate’s areas of expertise are Injury prevention and musculoskeletal (MSK) rehabilitation, manual therapy and female health.

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Craig Carroll
BSc Sports Science, PgCert Rehabilitation Studies, CAFS – Certification in Applied Functional Science

Craig has over 16 years experience working as a coach and sports therapist, and has worked with a variety of clients including International rugby, football and track athletes. He is a strong believer in exercise as a foundation for key rehabilitation for injuries and is an advocate of this having had several injuries himself. He combines his passion for injury rehabilitation and strength and conditioning to help his clients achieve the best possible results with the most up-to-date research.

Craig is also completing a masters in Osteopathy at the University College of Osteopathy (formerly British School of Osteopathy), to enhance his learning and further his development as a healthcare practitioner.

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Sam Burch

Sam qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 2001 gaining awards for academic and practical excellence. He has experience over 20 years in dealing with professional and amateur sports men and women in Suffolk, Essex and London.

On graduating he was lucky to be approached by one of the UK’s leading osteopaths to work in his large practice in Suffolk. His work within this team developed a solid platform of experience with a wide cross-section of the community from babies through to senior citizens. Through the specialist children’s clinic, he gained valuable post graduate experience in paediatric osteopathy and the use of cranial techniques. This adds to his sound base in structural osteopathy and allows him to practise with a wide variety of osteopathic approaches tailored to individual patients of all ages.

Outside of the clinic setting Sam has a young family to keep him busy!

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Mihaela Rosca
BA English-Italian, PGDip. Integrative Counselling and Coaching (MBACP), Dip. Hypnotherapy

Mihaela has over ten years of office management experience and offers administrative support to Mark with the running of Personal Space. From preparing invoices to updating the PS website, she juggles various tasks to declutter Mark’s to-do list so that he can focus on other aspects of the business.

Outside Personal Space Mihaela has been working as a therapist. More recently, she has been working as a clinical counsellor with organisations such as Mind and Cruse that offer mental health services. She also works as a counsellor and coach in private practice. Her approach is integrative which allows her to draw from several modalities and therapy techniques to tailor the counselling and coaching process to the client’s unique situation and individual needs. Mihaela likes to work holistically to support clients in developing greater self-awareness and self-worth and a greater ability to navigate life’s ebbs and flows.

Mihaela’s approach to life is ‘We can’t control life, but we can manage how we respond to it’. She also believes that although life’s ups and downs might make us feel overwhelmed, alone or stuck, we don’t need to handle everything on our own. Hence the support she offers, whether in therapy or administrative roles.

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Alexis (Lecky) Antonopoulos
BSc(Hons) Sports Science, CSCS, TPI Certified 1 & 2

Lecky has worked as a strength and conditioning specialist for over 20 years delivering thousands of workouts to a wide variety of clients from the world of business, sports, tv and radio.

He joined the team at Personal Space in 2017, where he continues to enjoy delivering workouts in person, online around the world and putting together bespoke monthly training programs. Using his overall 24/7 coaching method, his clients are encouraged to be more accountable and knowledgeable about how to become better versions of themselves.

Most recently, Lecky became certified (Level 1 & 2 ) through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), which enables him to assess a golfer’s ability to move and function through the specific TPI screen. Lecky will then use his love of golf, depth of knowledge and years of coaching experience, to design bespoke strength, mobility and core training programs to improve overall performance.

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Aaron Parsley
MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology, BSc in Strength and Conditioning Science, Exercise Physiologist / Strength and Conditioning Coach / Pilates Teacher

Aaron is a qualified exercise physiologist, strength and conditioning coach, and Pilates instructor, with an extensive coaching background in sports, health, and fitness. As a research-based practitioner, he uses a scientific approach to testing, monitoring and coaching to provide clients with the optimal chance of achieving their performance goals.

He has worked with Team GB Judo athletes, Team GB Under 23 track athletes, and many other highly competitive sports teams and individuals.

Aaron is now applying his refined skill set to a wider audience, with a focus on optimising fitness and wellbeing for general populations. He has created a running performance programme, where he uses physiological testing to design bespoke training programmes for running events.

His Pilates background provides a technical and engaging coaching style that is integrated into all of his sessions. With his ‘move well, perform better” mantra providing the foundation for his coaching practice.

Aaron has launched an online fitness platform called Bodiclub, which provides users access to hundreds of on-demand workouts for all levels and abilities.

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Angelica Giunta
Level 3 PT, L3 Pre and Post Natal exercise program design, L3 ITEC Sports massage, L4 Postural assessment and corrective exercise

An approachable and friendly trainer, Angelica loves building relationships with clients to help them best achieve their goals. A firm believer that movement is an essential part of physical and mental wellbeing, she lives by the mantra “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

She specialises in body transformation and corrective exercise and is also qualified in pre and postnatal training. Resistance training is at the core of Angelica’s approach and she is passionate about breaking down the barriers of women lifting weights to create a great body, optimal posture, to prevent injury and as a tool for healthy longevity.

Prioritising progression over perfection, whether your goal is weight loss, general fitness, or building muscle mass, Angelica tailors every session to her clients’ fitness level to help them achieve their best.

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